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Decommissioning of the calibration selector service as of 24 Nov. 2009

Published: 24 Nov 2009

The service providing raw and master calibration reference files associated with ESO raw science frames is decommissioned as of 24 November 2009.

Release of X-SHOOTER Science Verification (SV2) data

Published: 16 Oct 2009

The X-SHOOTER Science Verification (SV2) observations took place between September 26 and 29 2009. The SV observations are being performed in "service mode style" by a dedicated team and the collected data are made available to the whole user community.

Release of PRIMA Fringe Sensor Unit Commissioning Data

Published: 01 Sep 2009

PRIMA is a VLTI facility comprising many subsystems currently under commisioning. More details on the project can be found at the PRIMA Web site.

Release of X-SHOOTER Science Verification (SV1) data

Published: 27 Aug 2009

The X-SHOOTERScience Verification (SV1) observations took place between August 10 and 15 2009. X-SHOOTER SV observations are being performed in "service mode style" by a dedicated team and the collected data are made available to the whole user community.

Release of X-SHOOTER commissioning data

Published: 13 Jul 2009

This release of the X-shooter Commissioning data includes a total of 4594 files collected over 24 nights split in four commissioning periods. The first two commissioning runs were with the UV-B and VIS-R arms only, the 3rd and 4th with the UV-B, VIS-R and NIR arms.

Direct access to proprietary raw and reduced files

Published: 29 Jun 2009

As an ESO PI, you can now retrieve online your raw data while they are still protected under their proprietary period. In addition to the raw science files, the corresponding data package will also contain raw and master calibrations, science data products and ancillary information (processing logs, excerpts from the relevant observing logs, etc).

New public HARPS Advanced Data Products

Published: 25 Jun 2009

The Data Products department (DPD) at ESO has as one of its tasks the creation and publication of Advanced Data Products (ADPs) into a VO-compliant Science Archive. ADPs are high-level data products, either provided by the astronomical community or created in-house, generally consisting of fully reduced and calibrated imaging and spectroscopic data, ancillary products, catalogues etc. which enable immediate scientific exploitation (see examples here).

GOODS/VIMOS Imaging Data Release: Version 1.0

Published: 24 Apr 2009

As part of the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS), deep imaging in the Chandra Deep Field South (CDF-S) has been carried out, using the VIMOS instrument mounted at the Melipal Unit Telescope of the VLT at ESO's Cerro Paranal Observatory, Chile.

Blu-ray discs for data distribution

Published: 22 Jan 2009

The new Blu-ray disc technology will be introduced December 10th  2009 in the Science Archive Facility for the distribution of Service Mode (SM) PI packages to begin with. Blu-ray discs will be offered later in 2010 for archive requests. The ISO9660 file system with Joliet/Rock Ridge extensions will be used.

APEX weather query form now available

Published: 20 Jan 2009

Meteorological data for Chajnantor, including the precipitable water vapour, are now available from the ESO archive. The data are obtained from the APEX weather station and radiometer. The ESO archive database contains all available APEX weather data from January, 1st 2007 onwards.

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