FEROS spectroscopic time-series data releases

Published: 06 Aug 2010

In the framework of the ESO Large Programme "The ground-based counterpart of the CoRoT asteroseismic observations from space" (178.D-0361), time-series of high-resolution (R~48000) spectra have been obtained for 8 targets with FEROS@2.2-m ESO/MPI telescope, La Silla, Chile.

These targets are grouped in 7 separate data releases, linked to below:

Be CoRoT target HD 49330
gamma Doradus CoRoT target HD 49434
Be CoRoT target HD 50209
CoRoT targets HD 51106 (an ellipsoidal binary) and HD 50747 (a triple system containing a variable star)
delta Scuti CoRoT target HD 50844
beta Cephei CoRoT target HD 180642
Be CoRoT target HD 181231