Data Products Query Interfaces

  1. The ESO data products including:
    • data from ESO public surveys, GOODS data, and other principal investigators' provided data (full list available via the Phase 3 Data Releases page) 
    • pipeline-reduced data (full list available via the Phase 3 Streams page)

    can be queried and retrieved either via

    or via the more textual (with some graphic) interfaces:

    Please refer to the user guide describing the reduced data product types that can be browsed and downloaded from the above listed Phase 3 query forms. The user guide contains an overview of the data types, a description of their reduction/calibration levels and instructions on how to browse and access these products.


  2. ESO Catalogues

  3. Note: The data format of both the ESO data products and the ESO catalogues adhere to the ESO Science Data Product Standard (SDP). The standard is composed of a PDF document, a number of PDF addenda, and a more dynamic web page with the latest updates to the standard. All those documents are accessible from the ESO Phase3 Questions and Answers page: the links to the PDFs are on the right hand side (listed under the ESO SDP Standard item in the Phase 3 Quick Links section), while the Questions and Answers page itself provides the latest modifications to the standard, along with guidelines on how to implement it. The Questions and Answers page constitutes integral part of the standard.


  4. Programmatic access to the ESO data products and the ESO catalogues is described in the Science Archive Programmatic and Tools Access page.
    It includes:
    • a Virtual Obsevatory (VO)-based TAP interface (tap_obs) to query: the ESO data products table (ivoa.ObsCore), the table of raw data (dbo.raw), the ambient data tables (seeing, isoplanatic angle, precipitable water vapour, temperature profiles, etc.), etc.;
    • a VO DataLink interface to retrieve files related to the ones being searched for, e.g., reference files needed to calibrate the raw data, derived data products, progenitor of data products (provenance), ancillary files (e.g., weight-maps, previews), etc.;
    • a TAP interface specific for the ESO Catalogues (tap_cat);
    • a demo query form with pre-cooked (but modifiable) TAP queries can be used to learn the SQL-like language of the VO;
    • an interactive form to learn about the various end points (URLs) to interact with the Science Archive;
    • some simple python jupyter notebooks are used to illustrate the programmatic functionality.


  5. Data from the commissioning and science verification/demonstration phases, or from the (1999-2004) ESO Imaging Survey, can be found using the ESO science activities page (see highlighted sections in the pull-down menu on the left) or the archive list of data packages.



Data Product Submission

To submit data products, please visit the Phase 3 main page.