Hubble Legacy Archive - ACS/WFC Grism Final Release

Published: 30 Jun 2010

The ST-ECF is releasing the full set of ACS/WFC grism spectra into the Hubble Legacy Archive, consisting of 47919 1D and 2D spectra and associated multi-band image cutouts, extracted from 153 archival fields. This is the largest set of high-level spectroscopic data products publicly released to date. The ACS G800L grism spectra provides a wavelength range of 0.55-1.05µm, with a dispersion of 40Å/pixel and a resolution of ~80Å for point-like sources. These extracted spectra and associated ancillary data lead to the prompt classification of over 32000 unique sources and in many cases to the determination of the redshift of extra-galactic sources (galaxies and AGN).

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