ESO Archive Frequently Asked Questions

Which information can I find in a Night Log?

The Night Log of a given observing night contains any information and comments related to issues occurred during that night. It also reports the ambient conditions measured during the observation.

Below is an example of a Night Log report:

Nightlog information for file UVES.2002-06-16T08:51:25.171
OB grade: C)Out of specs - Repeat
Comment: 2002-07-06: reclassified because of red CCD problems

Red wavelength calibration;

                  Requested    Fulfilled?
Seeing:           1.00          Yes
Airmass:          1.50          Yes
Moon Distance:    90          Yes
Sky Transparency: 2CLR          Yes
Strehl Ratio:     N/A          N/A

Please find more information about OB grade here.