Special Access to ESO Instrument-Specific Query Forms

  • AMBER (near-infrared J, H, and K band instrument of the VLT Interferometer).
  • APEX (submm telescope with heterodyne spectrometer and bolometer arrays).
  • CRIRES (cryogenic high-resolution infrared échelle spectrograph).
  • ERIS (1-5 μm instrument combining an imager (NIX) and an integral-field spectrograph (SPIFFIER)).
  • ESPRESSO (high-resolution optical échelle spectrograph which collects the light from either a single or the four VLT Unit Telescopes (UTs) simultaneously).
  • FORS1 (optical [330-1100 nm] imager, low dispersion spectrograph, and polarimeter (imaging and spectroscopy)).
  • FORS2 (optical [330-1100 nm] imager, low dispersion spectrograph, and polarimeter (imaging and spectroscopy)).
  • GIRAFFE (medium-high resolution optical fibre spectrograph [370-900 nm] with multi-object [Medusa mode] and IFU capabilities [IFU, Argus modes]). GIRAFFE is part of the FLAMES facility which can also feed UVES.
  • GRAVITY (4-beam interferometric combiner operating in K-band at the VLT Interferometer).
  • HAWK-I (cryogenic wide field imager).
  • ISAAC (infrared imaging and spectroscopy [1-5µm]).
  • KMOS (near-infrared multi-object integral-field spectrometer).
  • MATISSE (four-telescope beam combination instrument of the VLT Interferometer operating in the L [3.2-3.9 µm], M [4.5-5 µm] and N [8-13 µm] bands).
  • MIDI (mid-IR N-band [8-13 um] instrument of the VLT Interferometer).
  • MUSE (optical integral field spectrograph [465 - 930 nm]).
  • NACO (adaptive optics assisted imaging, imaging polarimetry, coronography and spectroscopy [1-5µm]).
  • PIONIER (H-band 4-beam combiner instrument at the VLT Interferometer).
  • SINFONI (near-IR [1-2.5 um] integral field spectrograph fed by an adaptive optics module).
  • SPHERE (imaging, low-resolution spectroscopic, and polarimetric characterization of extra-solar planetary systems at optical and near-infrared wavelengths).
  • UVES (ultraviolet-visual échelle spectrograph [300-1100 nm]).
  • VIMOS (visible wide field imager [370-1000 nm], multi-object and integral-field spectrograph).
  • VISIR (imager/spectrometer for mid-IR N and Q bands, 8-13 and 16.5-24.5 um).
  • VISTA/VIRCAM (a 4-m class wide field survey telescope equipped with a near infrared camera VIRCAM with broad band filters at Z,Y,J,H,Ks and narrow band filters at 0.98, 0.99, and 1.18 micron).
  • VST/OmegaCAM (a 2.6-m wide field optical survey telescope equipped with an optical camera OmegaCAM operating in the u,g,r,i,z SDSS bands).
  • X-Shooter (multi wavelength [300-2500nm] medium resolution spectrograph [slit and integral-field unit]).

Special Access to ESO Raw Data (all instruments) 

Special access to all SAF raw data is available via a dedicated ESO Raw Data Query Form (all instruments)