FORS2 Commissioning Data Packages

The successful commissioning of FORS2 took place from Oct. 29 to Nov. 21, 1999 and from Jan. 24 to Feb. 8, 2000 on VLT-Kueyen. A number of astronomical targets from various object classes were observed in the different observing modes of FORS2 using all the broadband filters, some of the interference filters (used in both FORS1 and FORS2) and the grisms assigned to FORS2. For the tests of the new mask multiobject mode one science mask was made available by the VIMOS team and used for taking spectra.

The exposures were taken to assess the compliance of the instrument with the technical specifications as well as to characterize performance in the different observing modes. In addition to these more technical tasks a number of frames are certainly also useful for scientific purposes.

The total exposure time of the images and spectra from both commissioning runs totals approximately 25 hours (not counting the HIT mode images).

Nearly all data have been taken with the low gain of the detector, imaging data with 4-port readout and spectra with 1-port readout. Most of the data were taken with the standard resolution (SR) collimator, data taken in high resolution (HR) are labelled "HR" in the "mode" columnAll necessary calibration data (sky- and screen flatfileds, wavelength calibrations, bias frames) as well as a large number of standard star observations (photometric and spectroscopic) are also available. Full information for all frames is contained in the FITS headers.

If these data will be used for publications, please acknowledge that the results are based on public data released from the FORS2 Commissioning observations at the VLT Kueyen telescope.

In order to request these datasets from the Science Archive you need to be a registered archive user. If you do not yet have an ESO User Portal account, please fill out the registration form.

To request a given data set click on the object name in the leftmost column. A data set consists of all science frames obtained for a given object.

Object Mode Exp.Time ORIG. name Archive Name
A370 IMG 600s FORS2_IMG306.14.fits FORS2.1999-11-02T02:42:51.231
A370 IMG 600s FORS2_IMG307.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T02:49:58.850
A370 LSS 1800s FORS2_LSS308.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-04T07:37:29.516
A370 LSS 1800s FORS2_LSS310.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T03:53:03.889
A370 LSS 1800s FORS2_LSS311.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T02:39:50.875
A370 LSS 1800s FORS2_LSS312.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T02:38:16.060
Crab IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.36.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T05:05:08.042
Crab IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.37.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T05:11:13.906
Crab IMG 600s FORS2_IMG314.38.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T05:17:25.893
Crab IMG 60s FORS2_IMG314.39.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T05:29:26.163
Crab LSS 300s FORS2_LSS308.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-04T07:10:09.907
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T07:59:08.135
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.10.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:16:08.329
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.11.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:18:52.997
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.12.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:20:46.515
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.13.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:22:40.820
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.14.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:24:34.798
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.15.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:26:28.474
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.16.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:28:22.830
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.17.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:30:16.811
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.18.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:32:10.886
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.19.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:34:04.973
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:01:01.132
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.20.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:35:59.290
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.21.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:39:36.722
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.22.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:41:32.432
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.23.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:43:27.195
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.24.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:45:21.487
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.25.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:47:15.806
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.26.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:49:10.351
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.27.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:51:04.767
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.28.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:52:59.722
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.29.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:54:54.453
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:02:53.954
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.30.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:56:48.986
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.4.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:04:47.161
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.5.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:06:40.633
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.6.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:08:34.031
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.7.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:10:27.407
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.8.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:12:21.114
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT313.9.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T08:14:14.936
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT314.28.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T06:50:53.570
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT314.44.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T07:21:50.086
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT314.46.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T07:25:42.485
Crab pulsar HIT - FORS2_HIT314.47.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T07:27:38.805
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07B1.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:08:59.436
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07B1.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:10:49.351
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07B1.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:12:38.490
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07B1.4.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:14:27.922
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07B1.5.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:16:17.651
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07B1.6.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:18:15.823
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07B1.7.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:20:06.240
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07B1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:07:05.616
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07BC1.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:46:46.432
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07BC1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:44:57.058
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07BX1.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:42:33.453
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07BX1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:40:42.975
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07R1.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:24:41.684
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07R1.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:26:31.418
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07R1.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:28:20.629
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07R1.4.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:30:11.625
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07R1.5.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:32:00.335
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07R1.6.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:33:49.723
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07R1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:22:48.966
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07RC1.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:50:55.570
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07RC1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:48:58.510
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07RX1.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:38:30.013
Crab pulsar HITS - FORS2_HTR311_07RX1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T08:36:34.512
ESO249_35_36 IMG 500s FORS2_IMG306.22.fits FORS2.1999-11-02T04:15:03.207
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG309.4.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T03:31:35.717
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG309.6.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T04:06:29.732
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG309.8.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T04:41:24.768
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG309.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T03:23:26.837
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG309.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T03:27:39.086
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG309.5.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T04:02:33.724
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG309.7.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T04:37:28.151
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG307.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T02:38:03.403
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG307.10.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T03:55:38.739
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG307.7.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T03:37:36.884
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG307.8.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T03:43:36.894
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG307.9.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T03:49:38.965
FORS Deep Field IMG 600s FORS2_IMG306.16.fits FORS2.1999-11-02T03:35:19.720
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.14.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T03:22:32.896
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.15.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T03:28:35.796
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.16.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T03:34:35.645
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.17.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T03:40:36.807
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.18.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T03:47:00.633
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.19.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T03:52:59.618
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.20.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T03:59:00.618
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.21.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T04:05:00.992
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.22.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T04:11:29.326
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.23.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T04:17:28.741
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.24.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T04:23:28.696
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.25.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T04:29:29.762
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG310.5.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T00:52:25.643
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG310.7.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T01:27:18.794
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG310.9.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T02:02:10.598
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG312.10.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T03:56:50.743
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG312.13.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T04:37:53.777
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG312.15.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T05:13:20.446
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG312.17.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T05:48:46.981
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG312.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T01:06:28.694
FORS Deep Field IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG312.8.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T03:21:26.936
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG310.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T00:44:19.054
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG310.4.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T00:48:30.887
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG310.6.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T01:23:22.502
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG310.8.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T01:58:15.541
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T00:57:53.626
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.11.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T04:29:22.429
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.12.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T04:33:42.324
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.14.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T05:09:06.712
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.16.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T05:44:33.274
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T01:02:16.812
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.4.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T01:44:38.710
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.7.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T03:17:13.455
FORS Deep Field IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.9.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T03:52:38.776
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.10.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T00:48:57.675
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.11.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T00:55:10.397
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.8.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T00:32:57.112
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.9.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T00:38:57.235
FORS Deep Field IMG 300s FORS2_IMG314.9.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T00:38:57.235
FORS Deep Field IMG 515s FORS2_IMG310.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T00:20:59.436
FORS Deep Field IMG 515s FORS2_IMG310.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T00:30:32.682
FORS Deep Field IMG 515s FORS2_IMG310.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T00:11:24.630
FORS Deep Field IMG 900s FORS2_IMG312.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T00:36:14.831
FORS Deep Field MOS 1800s FORS2_IMG309.9.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T06:19:07.173
FORS Deep Field MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS308.6.fits FORS2.1999-11-04T04:21:37.180
FORS Deep Field MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS309.4.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T05:40:47.290
FORS Deep Field MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS310.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T04:56:06.233
FORS Deep Field MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS310.5.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T05:47:11.826
FORS Deep Field MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS311.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T01:36:49.543
FORS Deep Field MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS311.5.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T03:55:14.403
HH34 IMG 300s FORS2_IMG306.25.fits FORS2.1999-11-02T08:11:07.773
HH34 IMG 300s FORS2_IMG306.26.fits FORS2.1999-11-02T08:27:31.330
HH34 IMG 600s FORS2_IMG306.24.fits FORS2.1999-11-02T07:51:36.474
HH34 IMG 600s FORS2_IMG306.27.fits FORS2.1999-11-02T08:36:24.060
HH34 IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG309.14.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T08:36:42.977
HH34 IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG310.14.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T07:45:08.201
HH34 IMG 1800s FORS2_IMG310.16.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T08:20:05.295
HH34 IMG 180s FORS2_IMG310.13.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T07:41:12.246
HH34 IMG 180s FORS2_IMG310.15.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T08:16:07.671
HH34 IMG 180s FORS2_IMG312.21.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T07:20:34.496
HH34 IMG 300s FORS2_IMG310.12.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T07:35:00.234
HH34 IMG 480s FORS2_IMG310.17.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T08:51:49.366
HH34 IMG 600s FORS2_IMG312.20.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T07:14:13.247
IC5063 IMG 240s FORS2_IMG309.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T00:50:36.106
MS2053 MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS308.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-04T02:20:53.664
MS2053 MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS309.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T01:55:17.981
MS2053 MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS311.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T00:46:42.217
N70 IMG 180s FORS2_IMG309.10.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T08:05:46.836
N70 IMG 180s FORS2_IMG309.11.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T08:19:13.007
N70 IMG 180s FORS2_IMG309.12.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T08:24:10.512
N70 IMG 180s FORS2_IMG309.13.fits FORS2.1999-11-05T08:28:12.132
NGC 1232 IMG 240s FORS2_IMG312.6.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T02:15:22.788
NGC 1232 IMG 900s FORS2_IMG312.5.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T01:59:01.306
NGC 346 IMG 15s FORS2_IMG313.1.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T04:25:37.221
NGC 346 IMG 15s FORS2_IMG313.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T04:26:42.701
NGC 346 IMG 15s FORS2_IMG313.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T04:27:54.085
NGC 346 IMG 15s FORS2_IMG313.fits FORS2.1999-11-09T04:24:14.614
NGC 346 MOS 1026s FORS2_MOS314.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T02:51:29.975
NGC 88 group IMG 100s FORS2_IMG307.4.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T03:15:01.447
NGC 88 group IMG 120s FORS2_IMG307.3.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T03:12:00.046
NGC 88 group IMG 120s FORS2_IMG307.5.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T03:17:43.319
NGC 88 group IMG 240s FORS2_IMG307.6.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T03:20:45.070
NGC 88 group IMG 30s FORS2_IMG307.2.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T03:10:36.365
NGC88 group IMG 100s FORS2_IMG303.2.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T02:28:54.708
NGC88 group IMG 120s FORS2_IMG303.1.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T02:25:53.437
NGC88 group IMG 120s FORS2_IMG303.3.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T02:31:37.685
NGC88 group IMG 240s FORS2_IMG303.4.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T02:34:39.328
NGC88 group IMG 30s FORS2_IMG303.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T02:20:54.288
PB_5763 group IMG 300s FORS2_IMG306.13.fits FORS2.1999-11-02T02:31:21.802
PB_5763 group IMG 300s FORS2_IMG306.8.fits FORS2.1999-11-02T02:14:21.046
PB_5763 group IMG 30s FORS2_IMG303.10.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T04:51:59.515
PB_5763 group IMG 360s FORS2_IMG303.11.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T04:57:19.340
PB_5763 group IMG 500s FORS2_IMG303.12.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T05:04:23.777
PGC 437 group IMG 200s FORS2_IMG303.7.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T04:28:06.734
PGC 437 group IMG 240s FORS2_IMG303.6.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T04:23:04.336
PGC 437 group IMG 240s FORS2_IMG303.8.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T04:32:28.568
PGC 437 group IMG 30s FORS2_IMG303.5.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T04:17:51.060
PGC 437 group IMG 480s FORS2_IMG303.9.fits FORS2.1999-10-30T04:37:31.566
PKS0637-752 IMG 600s FORS2_IMG307.17.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T08:00:36.733
PKS0637-752 IMG 600s FORS2_IMG307.18.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T08:12:01.521
PKS0749-191 IMG 600s FORS2_IMG307.13.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T06:45:27.558
PKS0749-191 IMG 600s FORS2_IMG307.14.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T06:56:29.801
Pictor A IMG 1200s FORS2_IMG307.15.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T07:12:21.315
Pictor A IMG 1200s FORS2_IMG307.16.fits FORS2.1999-11-03T07:33:23.335
Pictor A IMG 1200s FORS2_IMG312.18.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T06:26:11.933
Pictor A IMG 1200s FORS2_IMG312.19.fits FORS2.1999-11-08T06:47:23.300
Q0338 MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS311.7.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T04:49:59.692
Q0338 MOS 1800s FORS2_MOS311.9.fits FORS2.1999-11-07T05:39:56.514
RXJ608 IMG 30s FORS2_IMG314.40.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T07:50:55.806
RXJ608 IMG 30s FORS2_IMG314.41.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T07:52:33.116
RXJ608 IMG 30s FORS2_IMG314.42.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T07:54:05.732
RXJ608 IMG 30s FORS2_IMG314.fits FORS2.1999-11-10T00:08:07.797
SDS_Q0383 IMG 300s FORS2_IMG310.10.fits FORS2.1999-11-06T02:39:12.626