Third and final release of the programme Investigating Stellar Population In RElics (INSPIRE)

Published: 14 Nov 2023

The scientific objective of the XShooter ESO Large Program 1104.B-0370 INSPIRE (PI: C. Spiniello, 2021A&A...646A..28S), is to create the first catalogue of spectroscopically confirmed relics in the redshift range 0.1<z<0.5, which bridges the gap between the three local confirmed relics and the high-z red nuggets galaxies. The availability of this sample of objects enables to put stringent constraint on the predictions from simulations on the initial intense phase of star formation in passive galaxies.

This third and final data release completes the INSPIRE sample, making thus publicly available the UVB, VIS and NIR 1D spectra of all the 52 targeted ultra-compact massive galaxies. This release provides also a catalogue which contains the morphological and photometric characteristics, as well as spectroscopic and stellar populations information for each of the galaxy in the sample.

Detailed information is present in the accompanying documentation and via the collection DOI. Data are available for download at the Archive Science Portal or programmatically. The catalog is as well accessible via both the query interface or via TAP.