Second data release of the XSHOOTER spectra from the Large Programme INSPIRE published

Published: 14 Feb 2023

This second data release (DR2) of the X-Shooter ESO Large Program 1104.B-0370, "INvestigating Stellar Population In Relics", INSPIRE, PI C. Spiniello, provides 1-D spectra for 21 new systems and new versions for the spectra of the 19 ultra-compact massive galaxies already released in DR1, to which the NIR band spectra have been added.

For each galaxy, there are three 1D spectral products: one UVB spectrum, one VIS and one NIR. In addition, combined UVB+VIS_NIR spectra, restframed and smoothed to a final resolution of FWHM = 2.52Å, are also published as ancillary files, since they were used for stellar population analysis. The data release contains a total of 120 spectra and 40 ancillary files, for a total volume of 41 Mb.

Following the results published in Spiniello et al., 2021b, A&A 654, A136 it was concluded that spectra obtained with different extraction methods are equivalent for the INSPIRE  science case. Hence these spectra released here use only an aperture that includes 50% of the target light. Additional detailed information is available in the release description and in the related paper.

Data are available via the ESO Science Portal interface or programmatically. The DOI assigne to this Phase3 collection is 10.18727/archive/36.