Release of UVES Echelle Science Data Products

Published: 24 Oct 2013

The ESO archive now provides access to reduced scientific data obtained with the UVES spectrograph mounted on the VLT.
More than 75000 spectra of point-like sources obtained in "ECHELLE mode" from the beginning of 2000 until 2013 are now published. The data consist of extracted wavelength- and, whenever possible, flux-calibrated 1-dimensional spectra in tabular format following the established standard for ESO science data products.
The UVES data collection will grow with time and includes the current stream of UVES data as they are acquired at the observatory, with the reduced products becoming available in monthly release cycles as soon as they are processed. The data products, being tagged "UVES_ECHELLE", can be queried and downloaded using the Phase 3 query form dedicated to spectral data, or from the generic query form that provides access to all Phase 3 data but is lacking the fields specific to spectral data.

More details about the data can be found in the associated Phase 3 data release description for UVES data.

Instructions on how to read or display data in this new ESO data format can be found in the 1d spectrum data format help page.

Updating News: Extending the collection of UVES Echelle Science Data Products to slicer data (16 Dec 2013).