New data release of spectra and catalogue from the VANDELS ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey

Published: 12 Nov 2019

VANDELS  is a deep Public Spectroscopic Survey targeting high-redshift galaxies in the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey (UDS) and Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS) survey fields using the VIMOS spectrograph. The goal is to obtain spectra with sufficient signal-to-noise ratio to derive stellar population ages, metallicities and outflows velocities from absorption line studies, allowing a detailed investigation of the physics of galaxies in the early Universe. Within an area of 0.2 deg2,  the survey aims at delivering ~2100 high signal-to-noise spectra of star-forming galaxies in the redshift range 1 < z < 7, with 85% of its targets selected to be at z >= 3, and passive galaxies in the redshift range 1 < z < 2.5.

This third data release (DR3) is adding to the available VANDELS collection data taken until December 2017 under the ESO run numbers 194.A-2003(E-T). It consists of 533 1D extreacted spectra provided together with their associated 2D spectra. DR3 provides spectra of 412 additional targets and 121 spectra with increased exposure times with respect to the previous release. In total the VANDELS collection now includes 1774 spectra (897 in CDFS and 877 in UDS), out of which 1607 1D spectra have received 100% of their targeted exposure time.

In addition to the 1D spectra, the release contains a catalogue of derived spectroscopic redshifts and associated reliability flag, among other useful source parameters. More information about the release content can be found in the accompanying documentation.

The products are available via the Science Portal or programmatically. Moreover the catalogue can be browsed via the dedicated Catalog Interface, or here.