First release of X-shooter spectra from the young stellar objects observed under the PENELLOPE LP

Published: 25 Oct 2023

The PENELLOPE Large Programme (Prog ID 106.20Z8) is a multi-instrument spectroscopic survey aimed at obtaining complementary data to the targets of the ULLYSES program. The latter is a Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Director’s Discretionary Time that was executed in a three-year period, from HST Cycle 27 through Cycle 29 (2020-2022).

The HST ULLYSES program is aimed at obtaining low- and medium-resolution spectra of young stars covering the wavelength range from ∼140 nm to ∼1 μm, hence providing a view of accretion and ejection tracers at ultraviolet wavelengths. The PENELLOPE program is a public community-driven effort. It provides optical high-resolution (ESPRESSO, UVES, R>60,000) and medium-resolution flux-calibrated optical and infrared spectra (up to 2.5 μm) with X-Shooter (R > 10,000), giving access to information that is otherwise not obtainable with the HST spectra provided by ULLYSES, such as main stellar properties, accurate interstellar extinction, and veiling; kinematics and geometry of the accretion and wind processes, and more.  

This first release includes all the X-Shooter spectra of the 74 young stellar objects observed, located in 8 star-forming regions: Orion OB1, sigma Orionis, Chamaeleon I, Corona Australis, eps Chamaeleon, eta Chamaeleon, Lupus, and Taurus.

Six of them have been observed in two epochs, and one in three epochs. In total, this data release comprises 82 X-Shooter spectra, each divided in the three X-Shooter arms (UVB, VIS, NIR), absolutely flux calibrated, corrected for telluric absorption, and with resolution ranging from 5400 to 9700 in the UVB arm, 18400 in the VIS arm, and 11600 in the NIR arm.

Data are available for download via the Archive Portal interface or programmatically. More information available in the associated release documentation. The Digital Object Identifier of the data collection, which includes more information on data provider/curators, is available at