First data release of the deep MUSE mosaic from the Large Programme 1100.A-0528

Published: 14 Feb 2023

This is the first data release, DR1 of the IFS deep cube obtained in the MUSE Ultra Deep Field (MUDF) as part of the Large Programme ID 1100.A-0528, PI M. Fumagalli.

This release contains a single IFS cube of the MUDF mosaic, along with a white-light image and exposure map (3 files, 18 Gb total volume). The data is a combination of 144 hrs of observations, taken between August 2017 and June 2022. The field covers a total area of 8 arcmin2, it is centered at RA 21h:42m:24s; Dec 44o:19m:48s (J2000, FSK5), and overlaps with two z~3.22 quasars which are separated by 62 arcsec on the sky. The MUDF covers a spectral range from 4650Å to 9300Å and reaches a 5-sigma limiting AB magnitude of 26.9 in the central regions where there is the largest number of observations (texp > 80 hrs).

Details are available in the accompanying documentation, the DOI assigned to the data collection is 10.18727/archive/84. The data files are available both via the Archive Science Portal or Programmatically.