Fifth release of UltraVISTA Public Survey data

Published: 05 May 2023

UltraVISTA is an ultra-deep near-infrared survey of the central region of the COSMOS field. The fifth UltraVISTA data release comprises stacked images in YJHKs and NB118 narrow-band filters, as well as single-band and dual-mode source lists. The data release also contains a five-band merged catalogue, created from the individual Ks-selected source lists. The release is based on the observations carried out from December 2009 to mid 2019, corresponding to 81125 individual images. This is three years more than DR4. The additional data have almost homogenised the exposure time in the “deep” and “ultra-deep” stripes in the J, H and Ks filters, which now reach the same depths to ∼0.15 mag.

The total exposure time contributing to this release is 1786 hours, and the total survey area is close to 1.9 square degrees. The seeing in the five stacks is in the range 0.75"-0.77".

The data products are available from the ESO Archive Science Portal or the Programmatic Access service. More details about the release content can be found in the associated data release description. Moreover the band-merged catalogue data, containing 475286 records, can be queried programmatically or via the dedicated Catalogue Interface.

By accessing the UltraVISTA DR5, the ESO community benefits from joint efforts by ESO, the Principal Investigators of the VISTA public survey projects and their collaborators, including the CALET data centres (France) and CASU (UK).

The DOI assigned to the data collection is 10.18727/archive/52