Deep HAWK-I J and Ks imaging of the X-­ray luminous galaxy cluster XMMU J2235.3-2557

Published: 12 Jul 2013

Data products resulting from ESO programme ID 60.A-­9284(H) as part of the first HAWK-­I science verification  are now available via the dedicated Phase 3 query interface at the ESO Science Archive Facility.

This data release consists of a mosaic of four pointings in two filters J and Ks, with the center of the X-­ray luminous galaxy cluster XMMU J2235.3-­2557 imaged in the four extreme corners of the HAWK-I detector mosaic. The deep image covers 13' by 13' on the sky with a pixel scale of 0.1065''. The image quality varies from 0.3'' to 0.7'' depending on filter and location.

The 60.A-­9284(H) data release is accompanied by a comprehensive description.