IRAF support for ESO tabular FITS format 1D spectra

Published: 31 Mar 2015

ESO one-dimensional (1D) spectra in tabular FITS format can now be displayed and processed with IRAF using the external package SPTABLE, thanks to a close collaboration between ESO and the IRAF developers. The popular IRAF ONEDSPEC package, including SPLOT, and the IRAF RV package are now able to process the 1D spectra from the spectroscopic ESO Public Surveys (PESSTO and Gaia-ESO), Large Programmes (ESSENCE, GOODS FORS2+VIMOS, and zCOSMOS) and internal data products (UVES ECHELLE, XSHOOTER ECHELLE, HARPS, soon GIRAFFE, etc.).

The IRAF external package SPTABLE can be easily installed following the IRAF-provided instructions. More information on using the 1D spectra tabular format can be found on the ESO spectroscopic data products help page.