Access to reduced science data from the Run Progress Report web pages

Published: 16 Nov 2015

The Run Progress Report web pages allow PIs and delegates to follow the progress of their Service Mode observations. Now they also indicate when pipeline-processed reduced data are available for download. These reduced data are automatically generated using certified master calibrations and appear within two months of the data acquisition. Please see the Run Progress Legend for more details on how to take advantage of this new service.

Instrument modes currently supported by this effort are shown in the table below.

Instrument mode Data type Number of science data products available as of Nov 2015 Observing time coverage
UVES ECHELLE 1d spectrum > 100,000 Apr 2000 - present
XSHOOTER ECHELLE 1d spectrum > 48,000 Oct 2009 - present
GIRAFFE MEDUSA 1d spectrum > 1,000,000 Apr 2003 - present
Note: The HARPS reduced data are not mentioned here because their observations are carried out at the La Silla site and therefore are not available via the (Paranal based) Run Progress Report web page. The HARPS reduced science data (more than 200,000 1d wavelength-calibrated spectra), along with all other existing reduced science data, can be browsed and retrieved using the ESO Data Products archive interface.

The number of instrument modes, which include pipeline processed reduced data, will grow and will soon include imaging data and data cubes.