Media Delivery Types

The Media Delivery Type pull-down menu offers two options:

  1. Instant Download
  2. USB Disk

Instant Download

The Instant Download option allows on-line delivery of data through the domain "", via any of these options:

  • through the Download Manager, a signed applet that allows:
    • parallel download (max 5 parallel threads),
    • pause and resume
    • retry failed downloads
  • through a downloadable script ( which you can run on your machine (wget must be installed on your machine)
  • by clicking on each individual file shown in the specific request page (

USB Disk

The USB Disk option allows users to get the data they requested shipped onto USB disk(s).

The minimum amount of data that can be requested via the USB disk option is currently set to 400GB. Any request below that size is automatically converted to a "Instant Download" request. This does not imply that requests larger than 400GB can not be retrieved via the "Instant Download" functionality.

After selecting the media type, and other options if available, the user can click the Submit button.

Upon successful submission of the request, the user receives a notification email.

Meaning of relevant request status icons

A "green tick mark" icon (hovering it with the mouse should display 'Completed') identifies Instant Download requests whose submission completed successfully. Please note that the downloadable script method can be used to retrieve the data files only if the green tick mark is shown.

A "usb disk" icon (hovering it with the mouse should display 'ReadyToWrite') is shown if your USB disk request has been submitted and it is ready to be copied on disk by the ESO operators.

An "envelop" icon (hovering it with the mouse should display 'ReadyForDelivery') is show when your USB disk is ready to be shipped to you.

Please find more information on the Frequently Asked Questions.