ESO Archive Frequently Asked Questions

General: How can I display the 9 Gb fits files of the stacked UltraVISTA images?

You must have a 64 bit OS to display the images. It will work right away in ds9 if your machine has at least 9GByte of RAM. If not, you can use imcopy in IRAF or the stand-alone utility fitscopy that comes with CFITSIO. Compiling fitscopy is usually as simple as:
make fitscopy
You can then copy out a subsection e.g. as 
fitscopy 'filename.fits[6317:42736,7063:37182]' filename.trim.fits This particular subsection would be about 4 Gbyte (and requires about 4 Gbyte RAM to make); you can of course try something smaller. The format of the subsection is x1:x2,y1:y2 (just like in IRAF).