Data Direct Retrieval (by File)

This form is intended for users who know the identifiers of the individual data files they want to retrieve from the ESO Science Archive Facility.

The identifier is the name under which the file is stored in the archive (e.g., NACO.2000-01-01T11:22:33.444, ADP.2014-04-01T12:34:56.789).
This unique identifier, in the case of a FITS file, corresponds to the FITS keyword ARCFILE, without the extension (i.e. without: .fits, .fitz.fz, etc.).

Please note that this service does not provide access to the ancillary files associated to Phase 3 data products.


You may enter the list of file identifiers (newline-separated):

Alternatively, you may upload a file which contains a list of file identifiers (newline-separated).

Input file:


If you encounter problems with the file upload feature, please paste the content of your data file into the input field above.