Historical Advanced Data Products

In January 2015, the archive interface that provided access to Advanced Data Products was decommissioned.

To access ESSENCE / FEROS / GOODS FORS2 / GOODS ISAAC / GOODS VIMOS / HARPS non-polarimetry / LESS(*) / UVES Reprocessed / zCOSMOS please use either the Main Phase 3 or the Spectral Phase 3 query forms.

Some selected HARPS (science-polarimetry and all calibrations) pipeline processed data collections are accessible via a dedicated query form.

FEROS products are available via the Phase 3 query interfaces since November 2016 (see link above).

The rest of this page provides the access points to the remaining Advanced Data Products collections that have not yet been migrated to the ESO Phase3.


(*) LABOCA Extended Chandra Deep Field South (ECDFS) Submillimetre Survey (LESS)

PI Programme Title Release Release Date Programme ID(s)
S. Aigrain Monitor NGC 2547:
Transiting planets and brown dwarfs in young open clusters
Monitor NGC 2547 data release: Version 1.0 2008-01-21 175.C-0685
E. Poretti FEROS spectroscopic time-series data releases (August 2010):
The ground-based counterpart of the CoRoT asteroseismic observations from space
HD 49434
HD 50844
HD 49330
HD 51106/HD 50747
HD 180642
HD 181231
HD 50209
2010-08-06 178.D-0361
H. Hildebrandt GaBoDS/WFI [update]:
The Garching-Bonn Deep Survey
DPS stacked images - 1.1 2008-03-19 164.O-0561, 169.A-0725, ...
Y. Bialetski 30 Doradus/WFI:
Probing the structure and embedded star formation of the dense molecular clouds in the LMC
30 Doradus - 1.0 2006-12-27 076.C-0888