New data from the VISTA Magellanic Survey available: VMC Data Release 4

Published: 28 Mar 2017

The VISTA Magellanic Survey (VMC) led by principal investigator M.-R. Cioni aims at the determination of the spatially resolved star formation history and the three-dimensional geometry of the Magellanic system. VMC has been designed to reach sources below the oldest main-sequence turn off point of the stellar population with multi-epoch coverage to measure accurate Ks mean magnitudes for pulsating variable stars, e.g. RR Lyrae stars and Cepheids.

The new data release is based on observations of twelve survey fields covering in total about 18 square degrees, which were acquired between November 2009 and August 2013, with at least three visits per field in Y and J filters and twelve in the Ks filter. This release provides 319 reduced and calibrated tile images per individual observation in addition to the corresponding pawprints, deep co-added images, and source lists (separately for each filter). VMC data release 4 complements the previously released imaging data of seven VMC survey fields. It also provides band-merged catalogues for both new and previously released images taking new overlaps into accounts. Catalogues with PSF magnitudes, for each tile, and confirmed variable stars, in some tiles, are also provided.

The data can be browsed and downloaded from the ESO science archive using the Phase 3 query form. The VMC catalogues can be queried individually or in a conjoint fashion using the ESO catalogue facility query interface. More information about this data release are available in the associated release description.