First release of the band merged catalogue for the VST Photometric H-alpha Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane (VPHAS+)

Published: 30 Jul 2015

The first band- and field-merged science catalogue created from the imaging data obtained by the VST Photometric Ha Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane and Bulge (VPHAS+) has been released and it is available from the for download via the ESO Catalogue Facility. The catalogue is derived from the calibrated images that have been released as part of the VPHASplus/DR2 collection. It covers the first 21 months of data-taking (28/12/2011 through 30/09/2013), in which 24% of the survey footprint (629 sqaure degree) has been observed to sufficient quality. These observations were taken under ESO programme 177.D-3023(B,C,D,E).

The VPHAS+ public survey data release is accompanied by a comprehensive description.