First data release of the VVVX Public Survey

Published: 12 Feb 2019

The VVVX -VVV eXtended- is an ESO Public Survey that was approved as part of the second cycle of Public Surveys with VISTA. This project extends the VVV observing parameter space both in area and time. Primarily VVVX includes portions of the Southern galactic plane that were not covered by VVV. Furthermore it will provide additional epochs to the VVV area in order to improve proper motion precision and keep monitoring the long term variable stars.

The data are taken under the ESO programme 198.B-2004 with VIRCAM. This first release contains observations of about 590 sq. deg, typically covered in three filters: H, J and Ks. Data were acquired between July 2016 and August 2017 and corresponds to the 'master data' to be supplemented in the next releases by the Ks time series. All tiles, their confidence maps and extracted source lists, in addition to the corresponding pawprints, were processed with v1.5 of the CASU pipeline. More information in the accompany extensive release documentation.

Data files and sky coverage are accessible via the Science Portal.