First data release from VISIONS - VISTA Star Formation Atlas - Public Survey

Published: 12 Mar 2019


VISIONS is a sub-arcsec NIR atlas of the nearby (d < 500 pc) star forming complexes accessible from the southern hemisphere. The atlas will contain tens of thousands of young starts (0.1 to 10 Myr), will be sensitive to objects down to few Jupiter masses and reach spatial resolutions of 100-250 AU.

This first release includes excellent quality J, H and Ks band observations of the dense field of the Ophiuchus star-forming region. Images, confidence maps and source lists, together with band-merged catalogues associated to each individual tile, are accessible via the Science Portal or via the Programmatic Access Service. The sky area observed is 7.5 sq. deg, for which 1134 datasets are provided. Including the associated products the total volume of the release is 350 Gb.

More details about the release content can be found in the accompanying Phase 3 data release documentation.