New Release of Gaia-ESO Spectroscopic Public Survey Data

Published: 22 Jul 2015

New reduced data products resulting from the Gaia-ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey are now available via the dedicated Phase 3 query interface at the ESO Science Archive Facility.

The present data release includes wavelength calibrated 1-dimensional spectra of point-like sources obtained with FLAMES from 31.12.2011 to 31.12.2013 under ESO program ID 188.B-3002, as well as a catalogue containing photometry and derived quantities (radial velocities, astrophysical parameters, lithium line strength, Hα emission) for a fraction of the stars for which spectra are delivered.

The total number of submitted data files is 27359 comprising spectra of 14947 unique targets. The Gaia-ESO public survey data release is accompanied by a comprehensive description. Instructions on how to read or display data in the ESO/SDP tabular data format can be found in the 1D spectrum data format help page.