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Raw FEROS data from 2001-2003 available from the ESO Archive

Published: 24 Sep 2012

As part of the ongoing effort of enabling access to historical ESO data, raw frames from the FEROS instrument taken between 2001-09-01 and 2003-10-15 have been recovered from offline media. These data are now available through the standard Archive query form.

Improved access to APEX raw and processed proprietary data

Published: 30 Jul 2012

The APEX query form now allows PIs and their delegates to download proprietary processed data. These data products are now transferred over the network, allowing PI's to access their data within a few weeks after they have been taken. It is expected that this lag will be reduced to a few days in the foreseeable future.

PIs' access to FEROS and HARPS pipeline-processed proprietary data

Published: 15 Jun 2012

In addition to historical and public pipeline-processed data, the FEROS/HARPS query form now allows PIs and their delegates to query and download proprietary processed data.

HST Archive to move on the 22.6.2012 - Invitation to public beta test.

Published: 11 Jun 2012

At the end of 2010 the previous operator of the European Hubble Space Telescope Archive, the ST-ECF closed its doors. (see

Phase 3 infrastructure upgrade: support for catalogue data submission

Published: 29 May 2012

The Phase 3 infrastructure has been upgraded to enable the submission of science catalogue data from VISTA public surveys.

UltraVISTA data release 1

Published: 15 Feb 2012

Following the successful publication of the data products from the VISTA public surveys (VVV, VIDEO, VMC, VHS) on 01.12.2011 (see announcement), the first data release from the ULTRAVISTA survey is now added to the list. The release consists of about ~ 87 GB high quality data products including the deep images in YJHKs broad bands and the NB118 image at the position of the COSMOS field, plus the single bands and multi-color catalogs.

VST/OmegaCAM instrument specific query form now available

Published: 22 Dec 2011

The VLT Survey Telescope (VST) is a 2.6-m wide field optical survey telescope for the southern hemisphere located on the VLT platform at Cerro Paranal, Chile. It is equipped with just one focal plane instrument, OmegaCAM, a large format (16k x16k pixels) CCD camera built by an international consortium. It operates in the u,g,r,i,z SDSS bands, covering a corrected field of view of 1°x 1°.

First public release of data products from the VISTA public surveys

Published: 01 Dec 2011

The ESO Science Archive Facility now provides community access to the first data products from the VISTA public survey projects. Following one year and a half of successful scientific operations VISTA telescope, the VISTA public surveys have returned nearly 6 TB of reduced data products, which can be queried for and downloaded by the international community via a dedicated query interface at the ESO Science Archive Facility.

Discontinuation of PI Packages

Published: 04 Nov 2011

With the deployment of the CalSelector service, the generation of PIPack is discontinued as of November 4th, 2011. PI Packs created before that date will remain available online from the PI Packages service, but will not be updated anymore (also, please note that PIPacks created between October 1st and November 4th, 2011 only contain raw data).

Introduction of calibration selection via the ESO Science Archive Facility

Published: 04 Nov 2011

CalSelector is a new archive service that, starting from the results of a query for raw science files, groups together the raw science files that need to be calibrated together (e.g. an infrared jitter sequence) and associates and returns all the raw and static calibrations needed to process the raw science files. Excerpts from the relevant Night Logs and an xml representation of the calibration cascade are added as ancillary files to the request, as well. The set of raw and static calibrations needed to process the raw science files is defined by the calibration plan of that instrument and instrument mode. The calibration plans are distributed as part of the instrument documentation (, e.g.

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