QC1 Plotter

muse_sci_deep: QC1 parameters related to IDP science data, deep stacks



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1. Plot Items
X axis Y axis Item Comment
mjd_obs MJD-OBS of first raw file
NAXIS1 number of elements in X (spatial)
NAXIS2 number of elements in Y (spatial)
NAXIS3 number of elements in Z (wavelength)
AMBI_REQ requested seeing
number_src number of sources found by pipeline
FWX_min minimum FWHM of sources in X
FWX_max maximum FWHM of sources in X
FWY_min minimum FWHM of sources in Y
FWY_max maximum FWHM of sources in Y
texptime total exposure time [sec]
ABMAGLIM limiting AB magnitude
PIXNOISE px-to-px noise [1e-20 erg/s/cm^2/A]
SPEC_RES approximate resolving power of exposure
SKY_RES spatial resolution FWHM [arcsec]
HISTO_MAX flux value for frequency maximum in product histogram
HISTO_17 flux value for left relative minimum (-1.7 dex) in product histogram
offset alignment: average correction for instrument wobble [deg]
time_range time range in days between first and last exposure

2. Filter by
AMBI_REQ requested seeing
ins_mode instrument mode
data_type DATACUBE_DEEP (stack across OBs)
N_OBs total number of combined OBs
target target name
DATANCOM total number of combined science frames
PATTERN acquisition pattern ("pattern")
score_bit quality flags ("score bits")
proc_scheme processing scheme
pipe_id Pipeline name/version
run_id ID of observing run
VM_SM Visitor Mode or Service Mode

3. Options
time range:
for plot: From To
for statistics: From To
plot options:
y scaling for plotting: y_min y_max
x scaling for plotting: x_min x_max
connect by lines mark outliers civil_dates
plot format: png gif ps
statistics options:
average none mean median least-square
error thresholds none 1 sigma 3 sigma 10%

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