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muse_sci_deep: QC1 parameters related to IDP science data, deep stacks



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1. General Keywords

mjd_obs float MJD-OBS of first raw file
civil_date datetime civil date of first raw file (YYYY-MM-DD)
cdbfile varchar given name of associated product file
arcfile varchar arcfile name of first raw file
pipefile varchar pipefile name of product file

2. QC1 Keywords

NAXIS1 integer number of elements in X (spatial)
NAXIS2 integer number of elements in Y (spatial)
NAXIS3 integer number of elements in Z (wavelength)
AMBI_REQ float requested seeing
number_src integer number of sources found by pipeline
FWX_min float minimum FWHM of sources in X
FWX_max float maximum FWHM of sources in X
FWY_min float minimum FWHM of sources in Y
FWY_max float maximum FWHM of sources in Y
texptime float total exposure time [sec]
ABMAGLIM float limiting AB magnitude
PIXNOISE float px-to-px noise [1e-20 erg/s/cm^2/A]
SPEC_RES float approximate resolving power of exposure
SKY_RES float spatial resolution FWHM [arcsec]
HISTO_MAX float flux value for frequency maximum in product histogram
HISTO_17 float flux value for left relative minimum (-1.7 dex) in product histogram
RA float RA (FK5)
DEC float DEC (FK5)
number_match integer alignment: number of matched objects
num_nomatch integer alignment: number of input frames with no match
offset float alignment: average correction for instrument wobble [deg]
time_range float time range in days between first and last exposure
ob_info varchar link to OB file (all OB grades and comments for this datacube)
run_info varchar link to "programme/run information" (select 'HTML' to display properly)
abstract varchar link to "abstract" (available only for released data; select 'HTML' to display properly)
ob_id integer first OB ID
QC_plot varchar link to QC plots/previews (internal link; select 'HTML' to display properly)

3. Instrument Keywords

ins_mode varchar instrument mode
data_type varchar DATACUBE_DEEP (stack across OBs)
N_OBs integer total number of combined OBs
target varchar target name
DATANCOM integer total number of combined science frames
PATTERN varchar acquisition pattern ("pattern")
score_bit varchar quality flags ("score bits")
proc_scheme varchar processing scheme
pipe_id varchar Pipeline name/version
run_id varchar ID of observing run
VM_SM varchar Visitor Mode or Service Mode

4. Options

time range: from to
aggregate functions: sum mean 1sigma number
format: plain ASCII HTML

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