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1. General Keywords

mjd_obs float average MJD-OB
civil_date datetime date of observations

2. QC1 Keywords

zeropoint float zeropoint
zeropoint_err float error of zeropoint
colour_term float colour term
colour_term_err float error of colour term
colour varchar colour of colour term
extinction float extinction coefficient
extinction_err float error on extinction coefficient
num_ext int number of STD images observed on civil_date
num_fields int number of photometric fields used
num_nights int number of stable nights used for calculation
date_range int total date range (between first and last used night)
stable varchar S: photometric conditions were stable over the night; Sb: stable at begin; N: unstable; U: unknown

3. Instrument Keywords

filter_name varchar filter name
det_chip1_id varchar CCD ID
det_chip_num varchar chip number (1: upper, 2: lower)

4. Options

time range: from to
aggregate functions: sum mean 1sigma number
format: plain ASCII HTML

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