Change Log of the programmatic and tool interfaces

The table below, in reverse chronological order, lists all the changes to the programmatic and tool interfaces that could affect your scripts or anyway your way of accessing the ESO science archive via TAP, SSAP, or via one of the URLs specified in the Learn dataset actions. Keep an eye on it, to make sure to be up-to-date with this newly born and still evolving functionality of the ESO Science Archive.
DateContextDescription of change
2020-04-23Jupyter NotebooksThe new page: ESO Science Archive Programmatic: HOWTOs offers a series of Jupyter Notebooks to learn how to script your access in python.
Currently available:
  • How to download data (both anonymously and via authentication)
  • How to query for reduced data (including queries to find areas of the sky covered in different bands for multiband photometry)
  • More to come soon...
When new notebooks will be available, they will be announced in this page.
2020-04-23AuthenticationProgrammatic authenticated access to proprietary data is now fully supported via both basic authentication and JWT tokens (OAuth2.0). (Read more...)
2020-04-23Cutout servicePositional and spectral cutouts of science data products is now available. The service is fully compliant to the IVOA Server-side Operations for Data Access (SODA) protocol. (Read more...)
ObsCore table
The ivoa.ObsCore table now supports the ALMA data, on top of the already served reduced data from La Silla Paranal Observatory (including APEX) [LPO].
  • Integrated data discovery experience for both ALMA and LPO processed data
  • Full support for powerful spatial queries
  • Ability to cross-match LPO and ALMA data
  • Currently, new ALMA data are not immediately visible through this interface; instead, they are published here manually about twice a month. The aim is to make this operation fully automatic, and to remove this publishing delay. Time scale: a couple of months.
  • The datalink service is not available for ALMA data.
  • The cutout service is not available for ALMA data.
dbo.raw table
Boosted performance (up to a factor 10) of the table that serves raw data. Also added 1 new column: datalink_url which, for the raw file at hand, provides access to its calibration reference files (see news 2019-11-25 calibration files service below) and/or to its pipeline-processed products (if it exists)
ObsCore table
added 4 new columns: multi_ob, obstech, p3orig, and publication_date (see page description above)
2019-11-25scripted accessadded demo script to illustrate how to download both the science raw frames, and the calibration files needed to calibrate them (via the DataLink and calibration files services):
2019-11-25new archive servicethe calibration files service is now available via http; it allows the users to discover which calibration files are needed to calibrate a given science raw frame, and then to download them.
2019-11-15ESASky v3.2The lastes version of the ESA portal that lets you visualise and download public astronomical data, offers now ESO data via the ESO TAP and DataLink services. Great use of VO standards for the interoperability of two leading astronomical institutes in Europe!
2019-02-20async Query Manageradded ability to set the execution duration of an async job (default: 60 s, maximum: 3600 s).
2019-02-13scripted was updated to reflect a change to the table structure (the access_url field points to the datalink and no longer to the direct file download link).
2019-01-22the TAP tab in this html pageAdded mechanism to customise query form via URL (useful e.g. for archive news). Specs available. Correspondingly, added the Create link to this page button in the TAP tab, so that the tab (with its query and form settings) can be bookmarked and sent to colleagues.
re-organised and improved query examples (in the "Choose a query..." pulldown menu)
2018-10-22tap_catfixed erroneous datatypes of various catalog columns
2018-10-16dataset actionsfixed issue that did not allow to use the dataset ID of a raw file
2018-09-17scripted accessadded example to query and download raw data in python (
2018-08-02tap_obstable of raw data renamed to dbo.raw
2018-07-02this html pagecreation