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UGC: uppsala general catalogue of galaxies


Table name: 	UGC
Records: 	12943
Spectral Band: 	OPT
Kind of Object: Galaxy
Mode: 		Morphology
Coordinates: 	B1950



The catalogue is based mainly on the Palomar Sky Survey prints. It is designed to be essentially complete to the limiting diameter of 1.0 arcmin; it also includes all galaxies to the limiting apparent magnitude 14.5 (even those smaller than 1.0 arcmin) in the "Catalogue of Galaxies and of Clusters of Galaxies" (CGCG) by Zwicky et al. It covers the sky to the North of Dec = -02 30'. The galaxies are ordered according to their right ascension; the epoch used is 1950.0. The accuracy of coordinates is only what is necessary for identifications purposes (to tenths of minutes in right ascension and to minutes of arc in declination).


Name	Type	Meaning

number	I	Order number
a	A	A if the galaxy is from the Addenda list
r_a	I	Right Ascension
dec	I	Declination
mcg	A	Name MCG (XX-YY-ZZZ)
pss	I	Number of the PSS field in which galaxy is best visible
mot	A	Morphological Classification in the Hubble system
d2a_b	F	Blue major diameter from PSS (arcmin)
d2b_b	F	Blue minor diameter from PSS (arcmin)
posang	F	Position angle (from north estwards)
mag	F	Apparent photographic magnitude from CGCG( Zwicky) or 
		estimated from the blue print if fainter than 15.7
rvel	F	Radial velocity referred to the sun (Km/sec)
d2a_r	F	Red major diameter from PSS (arcmin)
d2b_r	F	Red minor diameter from PSS (arcmin)
i	I	Inclination to the line of sight, in 7 steps 1 : 
		face-on, ..._, 7 : edge-on

Derived Values

_z	F	Redshift computed from velocity as 1 + z =  1+v/1-v
_ra	F	J2000 Right Ascension
_de	F	J2000 Declination
_lii	F	Galactic Longitude
_bii	F	Galactic Latitude
_L	F	SuperGalactic Longitude
_B	F	SuperGalactic Latitude