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SAO: Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory


Table name: 	SAO
Records:   	258997
Spectral Band: 	OPT,Vband
Kind of Object: Star
Mode: 		Astrometry,Proper Motion
Coordinates: 	B1950, J2000



Name	Type	Meaning

sao	i	SAO star number
r_a1950	i	Right ascension, epoch 1950.0
dec1950	i	Declination, epoch 1950.0
e_pos	f	Standard position error, in arcsec
vmag	i	Visual magnitude (99.9 if unknown)
r_a	i	Right ascension, epoch and equinox J2000
dec	i	Declination, epoch and equinox J2000
sp	c	Spectral type
pma	f	Annual proper motion (mu )(alp) (arcsec/yr)
e_pma	f	Mean error on (mu )(alp) (arcsec)
pmd	i	Annual proper motion (mu )(del) (arcsec/yr)
e_pmd	f	Mean error on (mu )(del) (arcsec)
name	c	Name in BD catalogue
lii	I	Galactic Longitude
bii	I	Galactic Latitude