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PGC: Principal Galaxies Catalogue


Table name:      PGC
Records:         73197     
Spectral Band:   OPT,PHOTO
Kind of Object:  Galaxy 
Mode:            Morphology      
Coordinates:     J2000  



The catalogue contains all available primary information for each galaxy: morphological type, major and minor axes, magnitude, radial velocity and position angle.


Name         Type  Meaning                                                 
pgc           I    Order number                                            
name          A    Other   identification  (there  are  generally  several 
                   records per galaxy)                                     
r_a           I    J2000 Right Ascension                                   
dec           I    J2000 Declination                                       
u_pos         A    Uncertaintly flag on position                           
mt            A    Morphological Classification in the Hubble system       
d2a           F    Major diameter (arcmin)                                 
d2b           F    Minor diameter (arcmin)                                 
u_d2a         A    Uncertaintly flag on d2a                                
u_d2b         A    Uncertaintly flag on d2b                                
posang        F    Position angle (from north estwards), in degrees        
mag           F    Apparent photographic magnitude                         
u_mag         A    Uncertaintly flag on mag                                
rvel          F    Heliocentric Radial velocity (km/s)                     
u_rvel        A    Uncertaintly flag on radial velocity                    
Derived Values                                
_z            F    Redshift computed from velocity as                      
                   1 + z = sqrt( (1+v)/(1-v))                              
_ra           F    J2000 Right Ascension                                   
_de           F    J2000 Declination                                       
_lii          F    Galactic Longitude                                      
_bii          F    Galactic Latitude                                       
_L            F    SuperGalactic Longitude                                 
_B            F    SuperGalactic Latitude                                  


 Abb.  Reference                                                          
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       M.A. Astron. J. 86, 820, 1981                                      
  UGC   Uppsala General  Catalogue by  Nilson Acta Univ. Uppsala, ser. V,  
        vol.1 1973                                                         
  UGCA  Catalogue  of Selected non-UGC galaxies by Nilson, Uppsala Astron. 
        Obs. Report 5, 1974                                                
  MCG   Morphological Catalogue of Galaxies by Vorontsov-Velyaminov, Proc. 
        Sternberg Astron. Inst.                                            
  ESO   ESO-Uppsala Survey  by Lauberts  A., European Southern Observatory 
  MK    Markarian galaxies (Astrofizika)                                   
  DDO   David Dunlap Observatory galaxies by S. van de Bergh               
  M     Messier galaxies                                                   
  CGCG  Catalogue  of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies Zwicky F., et al.: 
        Caltech; A&A Supp. 64, 247; A&A Supp. 70, 189, 191;                
  FAIR  Fairall Galaxies MNRAS 180, 391; 188, 349; 192, 389; 196, 417; 203 
        , 47; 210, 69; 233, 691.                                           
  UM    University of Michigan list                                        
  nZW   List of Compact Galaxies by Zwicky (n from 1 to 8), Caltech        
  VV    Interacting Galaxies by Vorontsov-Velyaminov                       
  ARP   Arp galaxies                                                       
  VCC   Virgo Cluster Catalogue by Binggeli et al.                         
  WEIN  Galaxies near the gaalctic plane by Weinberger                     
  TOL   Tololo lists                                                       
  nSZW  List of Southern Comparct Galaxies by Zwicky                       
  POX   Emission-line objects by Kunth et al.                              
  KAZA  Lists of Galaxies with ultra-violet excess by Kazarian             
  KAR   List of isolated galaxies by Karachenseva B.E.                     
  IRAS  Infrared Satellite galaxies                                        
  ANON  RC2 anaonymous galaxies                                            
  SBS   Second Byurakan Survey by Markarian et al.                         
  KUG   Kiso Ultraviolet Excess Galaxies by Takase and Miyauchi-Isobe      
  HICK  Galaxies in Compact groups by Hickson                              
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