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MASTER: master list of non-stellar objects


Table name: 	MASTER
Records:     	182855
Spectral Band:  OPT
Kind of Object: Non-Stellar Object
Mode: 		General
Coordinates: 	B1950



This catalogue is an amalgamation of all known catalogues of non-stellar objects in a uniform, easly readable form. The types of objects included are galaxies (including both normal and all specialized types such as interacting, peculiar, dwarf, Seyfert, etc.), cluster of galaxies, nebulae of all kinds (planetary, reflection, emission, absorption, etc.), blue objects, groups of stars (open and globular clusters, associations, rings, chains, etc.), quasi-stellar objects, supernovae and others. No new nomenclature has been introduced; that assigned by the original author has been retained.


Name         Type  Meaning                                                 
name          A    Object name                                             
r_a           I    Right ascension (1950)                                  
dec           I    Declination (1950)                                      
diam          F    Diameter (arcmin)                                       
mag           F    Magnitude                                               
objtype       A    Type of object                                          
number        I    Running number                                          
Derived Values                                
_ra           F    J2000 Right Ascension                                   
_de           F    J2000 Declination                                       
_lii          F    Galactic Longitude                                      
_bii          F    Galactic Latitude                                       
_L            F    SuperGalactic Longitude                                 
_B            F    SuperGalactic Latitude