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KURUCZ: The Kurucz Tables


Table name: 	KURUCZ
Records:    	264658



Name	Type	Meaning

iel	I	Element number (Z)
ion	I	Ionisation state (e.g. FeII translates as iel=26, ion=1)
jlow2	I	J quantum number (total angular momentum L+S) of lower 
		energy level,multiplied by 2 (e.g. J=1 translates as 
lambda	F	Wavelength in nm (1nm = 10Angstroems).  Note that the 
		air wavelength is provided for (lam ) > 200nm.
elow	F	Energy of lower level in eV (1eV = 8066:4:::cm-1)
jup2	I	J quantum number of upper energy level, multiplied by 2
loggf	F	log(gf) value

Derived Values

el	A	Element designation
The list of lines was selected from the following rules:
  1. Both the lower and upper energy levels have observed values (not predicted).
  2. when Elow lt 1.86 Zeff, then log(gf) gt -9.99 (Zeff = iel + 1 - ion)
  3. when Elow gt 1.86 Zeff, then log(gf) gt -5.00
  4. the lower energy level is below the ionization limit
  5. the wavelength is less than 10000nm (10 microns).