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HR: The bright star catalogue


Catalogue name:	HR
Records:  	9110
Spectral Band: 	OPT,Colour Index
Kind of Object: Star
Mode: 		Photometry,Astrometry,Proper Motion
Coordinates: 	B1900



The fourth edition of the Bright Star Catalogue is based on stars having HR number . The ostensible visual magnitude limit of the HR catalogue was 6.50 and contains 9110 objects.


Name	Type	Meaning

hr	I	HR Number
name	A	Common Name
dm	A	DM Name
hd	I	HD Number
i	A	If I or : or ' infrared star
d	A	Identification of double and multiple system
var	A	Identification of variable star
r_a	I	Right ascension (eq. 1900)
dec	I	Declination (eq. 1900)
lii	F	Galactic Longitude
bii	F	Galactic Latitude
vmag	F	Magnitude
bmv	F	B-V
umb	F	U-B
rmi	F	R-I
n_sp	A	Remark on sp
sp	A	Spectral classes
pma	F	Proper motion in RA
pmd	F	Proper motion in Dec
plx	F	Trigonometric parallaxes
rvel	F	Radial velocity (km/s)
n_rvel	A	Spectroscopic binarity remarks, as:

		SB1	Single lined spectra
		SB2	Double lined spectra
		O	Orbit determined

vsini	F	Rotational velocities
dmag	F	Double star: (DEL )m
sep	F	Double star: Separation in arcsec
comp	A	Double star:  indicates to which components of a 
		multiple system dmag and sep correspond.
ncomp	I	Number of components in the multiple system
rem	A	* if there is a remark in the original catalogue

Computed Fields

_a1	F	Right ascension for epoch + equinox 1950
_d1	F	Declination for epoch + equinox 1950
_ra	F	Right ascension for epoch + equinox 2000
_de	F	Declination for epoch + equinox 2000