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HD: The Henry Draper Catalogue


Table name: 	HD
Records:  	272150
Version:        1985
Spectral Band: 	Vband,OPT
Kind of Object: Star
Coordinates: 	B1900, J2000



Name	Type	Meaning

hd	I	HD number
mult	A	Component identification if there are two or more HD 
		stars with the same DM number.
		For multiple systems included in the Washington 
		Catalog of Visual Double Stars (WDS,Worley 1984) the 
		same designations are given.
name	A11	Durchmustrung (DM) identification (BD, CD, CP) or AG, 
		DM zone, DM or AG number.
		For AG stars (zones +50 to +60 deg) not in the BD, 
		than the lowest declination zone in the appropriate AG 
		catalogue is given (50 or 55). The DM may be followed 
		by lower the case letter identification for BD 
		supplemental stars (Warren and Kress, 1980).
r_a1900	I	Right ascension, equinox 1900. Precision is 1 tenth 
		of min.
dec1900	I	Declination, equinox 1900. Precision is 1 min.
vmag	F	Photovisual magnitude Ptm, except for the following 
		codes for fictitious magnitudes:

		    20.0     nebula  	40.0     nova
		    30.0     variable	50.0     cluster

n_vmag	I	Notes on vmag, as 2 bits from left to right set to 1 

			o vmag is the combined value for this and the 
			  following or preceding entry.
       			o vmag was inferred from pmag and spectral 
			  type (values written in italics in the 
			  original edition).

pmag	F	Photographic magnitude Ptg. Same comments as above.
n_pmag	I	Notes on pmag. Same comments as above.
r_a	F	Right ascension for equinox J2000
dec	F	Declination for equinox J2000
sp	A	Spectral type. Contains upper and lower case 
		characters as in published catalogue.
n_sp	I2	Photographic intensity of the spectrum estimated 
		by Miss Cannon. The faintest spectra which could be 
		classified with certainty were assigned a value of 1, 
		while the densest are given as 10. For stars having 
		two intensities in the published catalog, only the 
		first is given in the machine version.
rem	A1	Remarks. The following codes are used:

		D	Entry deleted because it is a duplicate or 
			does not refer to a real star
		E	Image is at edge of plate.
		G	Position and BD number taken directly from 
			AGK and precessed to 1900.
		M	Multiple images used. Only one intensity is 
		R	There is a remark for this star in the 	
			published catalog.
		S	Spectral type refers to a cluster, nebula or 
			nebulous star. (Occurs in the Magellanic-Cloud 
			fields only).
lii	F	Galactic longitude
bii	F	Galactic latitude

Computed Field

_ci	F	Color index