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B2: Catalogue of Radio Sources


Table name: 	B2
Records:  	9929
Spectral Band: 	RADIO
Kind of Object: Radio Sources
Mode: 		Radiometry
Coordinates: 	B1950



The catalogue lists 9923 radio sources observed at 408 MHz with the Bologna Northern Cross Telescope. The catalogue is published in four parts with different limits in declination and limiting flux as follows:

    Part     No.   Decl.   limits   Limiting flux

    B2.1    3235  +29 18   +34 02	0.2  f.u.
    B2.2    3013  +24 02   +29 30	0.25 f.u.
    B2.3    3227  +34 02   +40 18	0.25 f.u.
    B2.4    448   +21 40   +24 02 	0.5  f.u.
The standard errors in positions an fluxes are different for the different parts of the catalogue and depend on the flux (see references for details).


Name  	Type	Meaning

acod1	A	Subcatalogue code (eg. B2.3)
name	A	Source name
dec	I	Declination (1950.0)
r_a	I	Right Ascension (1950.0)
flux	F	Flux (Jy)
ref	A	Reference to 3C and 4C catalogues