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AGK3: Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog


Table name:	AGK3
Records:	183128
Spectral Band:	OPT,PHOTO
Kind of Object:	Star
Mode: 		Astrometry,Proper Motion
Preview:	no
Coordinates: 	B1950



This catalogue is the result of the repetition, in the years 1956-1963, of the 1939 plates of the Zweiter Katalog der Astronomischen Gesellschaft (AGK2) with identical plate centres exposed with the same camera as was used in the years 1928-1932. The purpose was the derivation of relative proper motions, and the transformation of the latter to absolute ones by means of the proper-motions of the reference stars derived from observations at 12 meridian circles in the system of the Fundamental Catalogue (FK4).

The overall precision of the coordinates is 0".021 (standard error, weighted mean). The standard error of the proper motions is of the order of 0".010/year. In the case of large discrepancies in position the star is omitted, and if the discrepancy showed up only in AGK2 the proper motion is omitted.


Name	Type	meaning

name	A	Object name (the same as in AGK2)
acod1	A	A, B, or 0 for duplicate numbers
pmag	F	Photographic magnitude (from AGK2)
sp	A	Spectral type from different sources mainly from HD and Vyssotsky
r_a	I	Right ascension (1950.0)
dec	I	Declination (1950.0)
pma	F	Proper motion in right ascension, (mu )(alp) x cos(del) 
		(unit = 1 arcsec/year)
pmd	F	Proper motion in declination (unit = 1 arc.sec/year)
bd	A	StarName in Bonner Durchmusterung
ncod1	I	Numerical code for double

		   1 p (first) 	5 s1
		   2 s (second)	6 s2
		   3 a         	7 p1
		   4 b         	8 p2
		   9 C

ncod2	I	Sum of discrepancy code of uncorrect errors (bit string). 
		Signification of the bits from left to right:

		   dec(AGK3) 	error
		   ra(AGK3) 	error
		   dec(AGK2) 	error
		   ra(AGK2) 	error
		   mag or sp 	error
		   bd number 	error


_ra	F	Right ascension for epoch 2000
_de	F	Declination for epoch 2000
_lii	F	Galactic longitute
_de	F	Galactic_latitude