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4C catalogue of radio sources


Table name: 	4C
Records:  	4842
Spectral Band: 	RADIO
Kind of Object: Radio Sources
Coordinates: 	B1950



The catalogue contains the results of a survey of radio sources in the range of declinations -7 to +80 deg using the interferometric radio telescope of the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory (Cambridge, UK). The observations, at a frequency of 178 MHz, employed the technique of aperture synthesis and permitted the detection of sources having a flux density S(178) < 2 Jy with a positional accuracy, for the weaker sources, of about 0.35 arcmin in right ascension and 2.5 arcmin in declination


Name	Type	Meaning

name	A	Radiosource name
r_a	I	Right ascension
dec	I	Declination
flux	F	Flux (Jy)

Derived Values

_ra	F	J2000 Right Ascension
_de	F	J2000 Declination
_lii	F	Galactic Longitude
_bii	F	Galactic Latitude
_L	F	SuperGalactic Longitude
_B	F	SuperGalactic Latitude