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ESO Online GSC-II Catalogue Server (v2.2)

The ESO Online GSC2 Service provides access to the GSC-II catalog version 2.2.
  • Magnitude cutoffs were applied (F=18.5, J=19.5, V=19.5) before position selection.
  • If an observation occurred at different plate scanning resolutions, the highest resolution (15 um pixels) was selected over the lower resolution (25 um pixels) for each bandpass regardless of plate location.
  • Star/nonstar classifications were assigned by voting all available classifications from 15um scans, before applying the magnitude cutoff. Classifications from 25um scans were used only if no 15um data were available for the object. Ties were broken in favor of nonstar, and defect classifications were considered to be nonstellar for matched objects. Unmatched plate defects were excluded from the catalog.
Photographic bands
Nphotographic N band (0.8┬Ám)
Fphotographic F band (red)
Vphotographic V band (visual)
Jphotographic Bj band (blue)
Query Form

To retrieve a list of objects from the selected catalog enter a coordinate pair in the R.A. and Dec. fields (J2000) OR an astronomical object name in the Object Name field.

Coordinates: R.A. : (hh mm ss) Dec. : (±dd mm ss)
Object Name: will be resolved by Simbad.
Search radius: Maximum distance from center (arcmin)
Magnitude Limits: Bright Limit Faint Limit limits apply to mag or same as sort field below
Sort Output
No. of output objects:

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