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VLA: VLAVery Large Array Observation Log comment


Table name: 	vla
Records: 	34299
Spectral Band:  Radio
Kind of Object: Log
Coordinates: 	B1950



This catalogue was extracted from the VLASORS PC program. It is complete up to January 15, 1992. It has been introduced in STARCAT courtesy of NRA0.


Name		Meaning

target 		Observed object
ra     		Right ascension (1950)
dec    		Declination (1950)
mode   		Observation mode
freq1  		Lower frequency in MHz 
freq2  		Higher frequency in MHz
bw     		Band width in MHz
num_ant		Number of antennae
totime 		Total "exposure" time in minutes
pcode  		Observation programme identification
observ 		Principal investigator's name
config 		Instrument configuration
band1  		Wavelength band in centimeters for freq1
band2  		Wavelength band in centimeters for freq2
obsdate		Date of observation
ra2000 		Right Ascension (2000)
dec2000		Declination (2000)
lii    		Galactic Longitude (2000)
bii		Galactic_Latitude_(2000)