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veron_qso: A Catalog of Quasars and Active Nuclei


Table name: 	veron
Records:    	7998
Version:        1991
Spectral Band: 	Uband,Bband,Vband,OPT
Kind of Object: Quasar,AGN,Seyfert,BlLac
Mode: 		Photometry,Redshift
Coordinates: 	J2000



The catalogue contains data on Quasars, active galaxies and BL Lac type objects.

Because of the fast increase in the number of published quasars, we have prepared an updated version of our catalogue of quasars and AGN (v 1984, 1985, 1987 and 1989) which now contains 6225 quasars and 1540 active galaxies (of which 575 are Seyfert 1), compared with 4169 quasars and 1108 Seyfert and related galaxies in the fourth edition. Like the fourth edition, it includes positions, redshift, photometry (U, B, V) and 6 and 11cm flux densities. Table 2 lists 162 BL Lac objects are also present (117 in the previous edition).

For more documentation on the present catalogue, consult the printed version of this catalogue.

Note also that 1344 references can be consulted in the screen veron_ref_qso.


Name	Type	Meaning

notrs	A	If *,the object has not been detected as a radio source.
name	A	The most common name of the object.
n_pos	A	Comment to position (O = optical pos, R = Radio pos.).
ra_ori	I	Right Ascension (1950).
dec_ori	I	Declination (1950).
vmag	F	Photoelectric or photographic V Magnitude.
bmv	F	Photoelectric or photographic B-V Color.
umb	F	Photoelectric or photographic U-B Color.
u_z	A	If = '/' the redshift is of lesser accuracy.
z	F	Redshift.
f6cm	F	Flux density at 6 cm.
r_f6cm	I	Reference on 6cm. flux.
f11cm	F	Flux density at 11 cm.
r_f11cm	I	Reference on 11cm. flux.
xs	A	If = 'X' the source is detected in X band.
class	A	Object class:

		S1 	Seyfert 1 whith broad permitted hydrogen em. 
		S2 	Seyfert 2 ( [OIII]/Hbeta >>1, 
			[NII]/Halfa = 1);
		S3 	Seyfert 3 or linear defined by Heckman (1980);
		S or S? Probably or possibly Seyfert;
		H2 	Nuclear HII region;
		HP 	High degree of optical polarization (>3%).

		In table 2:

		BL 	for a confirmed BL Lac object;
		blank 	for a probable BL Lac;
		? 	for a Possible BL Lac.

r_fc	I	Reference for finding chart
r_ph	I	Reference for photometry
r_z	I	Reference for redshift
n_table	A	Number of table:
		1 - Objects with a starlike nucleus brighter than abs mag -23;
		2 - Confirmed, probable or possible BL Lac objects;
		3 - "Active galaxies":Seyfert1,Seyfert2, or "liners" fainter 
		    than the above quoted limiting |magnitude.

ra	I	Right Ascension (2000).
dec	I	Declination (2000).
lii	F	Galactic Longitude.
bii	F	Galactic Latitude.

Derived Values

_M	F	Absolute Magnitude assuming H0= 50 and optical 
		spectral index = 0.7 (see the printed manual page 8 
		for more explanations). This is an approximation!!
_L	I	Supergalactic longitude.
_B	I	Supergalactic latitude.