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SSTAR: S Star Catalogue


Table name: 	SSTAR
Records:  	741
Spectral Band: 	OPT
Kind of Object: SStar
Mode: 		General
Coordinates: 	J2000



This catalogue is intended to list all S stars having known positions of at least roughly the precision of the Henry draper Catalogue. An S star is a star in which the spectrum bands of the ZrO molecule are detectable, ordinarily without needing sufficient spectral resolution to resolve the individual rotational lines of a band in the stronger parts of the band. In addition, all experience to date indicates that the presence of readily detectable La O in the photographic infrared (where there is no significant ZrO) is a sufficient, though by no means necessary, condition for the presence of the usual ZrO bands, and in this catalogue the author has accepted as S many stars so identified only from their infrared spectra. The majority of the stars in the catalogue were however classified on the basis of the (0,0) band, with head near 6474 Angstrom, of the red system of ZrO.


Name	Meaning

object	Star's occurence in various finding lists 
spec	Spectral type essentially on the system of Keenan(1954) 
notes	Several symbols are used here:

	The table equates at least two data in contradiction to one 
	or more of the papers cited; 
	(*) less often means that the author is omitting an erroneous 
	published identification.
	(**) The same as a single one,except that the author have 
	looked at his own plate material with the identification 
	problem in mind.
     	(+) identification of an S star with a GCVS star
     	(R) Further remarks can be found in the manual (see Ref.)
pmag	Photographic magnitude (sometimes B)
vmag	Visual magnitude
imag	Infrared magnitude
f_pmag	Colons stress uncertainty in the last quoted digit
f_vmag	Colons stress uncertainty in the last quoted digit
f_imag	Colons stress uncertainty in the last quoted digit
ra_ori	Right Ascension for 1900
dec_ori	Declination for 1900
ra    	J2000 (FK5) Right Ascension
dec   	J2000 (FK5) Declination
f_coord	Colons stress uncertainty
lii_ori	Galactic longitude (Integer*2)
bii_ori	Galactic latitude (Integer*2)
lii   	Galactic longitude (Integer*4)
bii	Galactic latitude (Integer*4)