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MOLONGLO: catalogue of radio sources


Table name:     MOLONGLO 
Records:        12141
Spectral Band:  RADIO  
Kind of Object: Radio Sources
Coordinates:    B1950        



This catalogue lists 12141 discrete radio sources from a 408-MHz survey observations made with the Molonglo Radio Telescope. The survey covers 7.85 sterad of the sky defined by declination from +18.5 to -85.0 deg. and galactic latitude from -3 to +3 deg. The catalogue comprises celestial coordinates with standard error typically lying between 3 and 10 arcsec and 408-MHz flux densities with standard error typically lying between 4 and 10 per cent, down to the flux limit of 0.7 Jy. There are 7347 sources of listed flux density .ge. 1.00 Jy, at which level the catalogue is substantially complete. The reliability is believed to be better than 99.9 per cent.


Name         Type  Meaning                                                 

name          A    Source name (IAU name) based on 1950.0 celestial coord. 
r_a           I    Right Ascension                                         
e_r_a         F    RA standard error (arc seconds)                         
dec           I    Declination                                             
e_dec         F    DEC standard error (arcsec)                             
flux          F    Flux in Jy                                              
e_flux        F    Flux standard error in Jy                               
source        A    Source type:                                            

                       U Unresolved source                                 
                       A Sources with small-scale structure                
                       E Extended sources                                  
                       C Complex extended sources                          
                       M Multiple sources                                  
                       N Weak neighbouring sources                         

ref           A    Cross-reference to other catalogues:                    

                        P Parkes master catalogue (Bolton et al., 1979)     
                        T Source discussed in the text                      
                        S Schilizzi and McAdam (1975)                       
                        M Clarke and al. (1976)                             
                        C Cameron (1971)                                    
                        R Robertson (1973)                                  
Computed Fields                               
_ra           F    Right ascension for epoch 2000                          
_de           F    Declination for epoch 2000                              
_lii          F    Galactic longitute                                      
_de           F    Galactic latitude