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Hewitt-Burbidge QSO Catalog


Table name:     qso93_general
Spectral Band:  
Kind of Object:


This is the Hewitt and Burbidge 1993 catalog of quasi-stellar objects (ApJ Suppl 87, 451). In research publications please acknowledge this paper. To access the different screens, please use the names below.


Name		  Description

hb_qso_arefs		General + annotated references for each QSO
hb_qso_general		All data (e.g., B-V) with one entry per QSO
hb_qso_hst		All QSO's with HST observations
hb_qso_lines		General + emission redshift lines for each QSO
hb_qso_names		General + all alternate names for each QSO
hb_qso_refs		List of QSO references
hb_qso_selection	General + Selection criteria and other keywords
hb_qso_zabs		General + absorption redshifts for each QSO


Name		Type	Description

cname		C	QSO name in uniform coordinate system
cname_seq	I	Note: unique name = cname + cname_seq
ra_1950		S	1950 right ascension
dec_1950	S	1950 declination
ra_2000		S	2000 right ascension
dec_2000	S	2000 declination
l_2000		F	galactic longitude
b_2000		F	galactic latitude
v		F	V magnitude
vcomment	C	comment on variability
b_v		F	B-V colour
u_b		F	U-B colour
z		F	redshift = (lambda_obs-lambda_rest)/lambda_rest
zcomment	C	comment on redshift
notes		C	detailed notes with reference numbers (see hb_qso_refs)

		C = character
		I = integer
		F = floating point
		S = base 60