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GEZARI: Catalogue of infrared observations


Table name:     gezari
Records:        55046
Spectral Band:  infrared
Kind of Object: 



This catalogue is a summary of infrared astronomical observations published in the scientific literature. The structure of the catalogue is unconventional and should not be confused with more traditional formats. Please note the following limitations: Note: This machine readable version (CIO, NASA TM-83819, April 1982) is generation number 1.0.


Name	Type	Meaning

name	   A	Object name. An asterisk in first position indicate an 
		approximate position, such as the central position of 
		a globular cluster.                 
r_a	   I	Right Ascension                                        
dec	   I	Declination                                            
beamsize   A	Beam size                                              
acod1	   A	Units of beam size S=arc sec. M=arc min. D= deg.        
wl	   F	Wavelength of observation in micron                    
flux	   F	Flux at given wavelenght                               
acod2	   A	Units of flux. See reference for definition of letter 
		code abbreviation.
acod3	   A	Flux comments.                                          

		E = flux determined by editors  
		L = lower limit of flux 
		U = upper limit of flux
		V = editor avereged multiple values in the original 
		    reference to yeld a single value.

nref	   I	Bibliographic reference number.                        
ref	   A	Position reference                                     
note	   A	Comment field.