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EUVE : EUVE Survey Bright Source List


Table name:     euve
Records:        205
Spectral Band:  UVband
Kind of Object: 
Coordinates:    J2000



Based on the possible optical counterpart information, the breakdown of the 205 total EUV sources by class for the all-sky survey is as follows: Of these, 164 were also listed in the WFC Bright Source Catalog. It should be noted that this class breakdown of possible optical counterpart identifications is based on existing catalogs which often are biased towards or against specific classes of objects.


Name        Type   Meaning                                                 
possID        c    The possible candidate for the optical counterpart
                   identification of the EUV source is given.  
                   These candidates are taken from internal catalogs,
                   via SIMBAD database search, or from communications 
                   with the EUVE Optical Identification group. Possible 
                   counterpart candidates all lie within two arc-minutes
                   of the calculated EUV source position.
sp            c    The spectral type (if known) of the possible optical
                   counterpart for the EUV source.
r_a           i    The Right Ascension of the EUV source (Epoch 2000
                   coordinates).  Positions are accurate to within two
dec           i    The Declination of the EUV source (Epoch 2000 
                   coordinates).  Positions are accurate to within two 
Lfilter       c    The filter columns indicate the filter(s) in which
                   the EUV source was detected:
                   L is Lex/B, A is Al/C, D is Dagwood, and T is Tin.  
                   For the deep survey sources only the Lex/B and Al/C 
                   filters are appropriate.  A positive detection is
                   indicated by ``Y'' (yes), a negative by ``-'' (no).
Afilter       c    see Lfilter
Dfilter       c    see Lfilter
Tfilter       c    see Lfilter
WCFname       c    Where applicable, this is the name of the EUV source
                   as it appears in the ROSAT WFC Bright Source Catalog.
comments      c    General notes and/or comments about particular EUV
                   sources are included.
                   ``DS'' were seen in the deep survey only; those marked 
                   ``S/DS'' were seen in both the deep and all-sky surveys. 

Computed Fields                               
_ra           I    The B1950 right ascension 
_de           I    The B1950 declination