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ESOUP: ESO/UPPSALA survey from the ESO(B) atlas


Catalogue name: 	ESOUP
Records:      		18438
Spectral Band: 		OPT
Kind of Object:		Star,Galaxy,Cluster,Planetary Nebulae
Mode: 			Survey
Coordinates: 		B1950



This catalogue is a result of a systematic search made on the plates of the ESO(B) survey (also termed `Quick Blue Survey') which covers 606 fields distributed at 5 deg centres from declination -90 to -20 deg.

A total of 18438 objects are listed; of these, about 60% for the first time. Magnitudes and radial velocities are also given for 2102 galaxies. Further details, bibliography, notes to individual objects and data on the plates used in the survey may be found in a separate file.


Name	Type	Meaning

name	A	Identification
r_a	I	Right Ascension
dec	I	Declination
bmag	F	B Magnitude (total or in aperture)
bmv	F	B-V colour
umb	F	U-B colour
e_bmag	F	Mean error of B if e_bmag < 1; Mean error of aperture 
		if e_bmag > 1
r_bmag	I	Reference to B 
r_ubv	I	Reference to B-V and U-B
rvel	I	Heliocentric radial velocity (Km/s)
e_rvel	I	m.e. of radial velocity (Km/s)
r_rvel	I	Reference to radial velocity
madiam	I	Major diameter (unit 0.1 arcmin)
midiam	I	Minor diameter (unit 0.1 arcmin)
posang	I	Position angle (deg), measured from north towards|east
nfield	I	Field number: from 1 (south pole) to 538-606 (DEC 
number	I	Running number in field
xcoord	F	X-coordinate (mm)
ycoord	F	Y-coordinate (mm)
obtype	A	Object type:

		G	Galaxy (galaxies)
		IG	Interacting galaxy (galaxies)
		EN	Emission nebula
		PN	Planetary nebula
		SC	Star cluster
		SNR	Supernova remnant
		A	Asteroid
		C	Comet

class	A	Classification or comment. For galaxies: Estimated 
		Hubble class. All elliptical galaxies are denoted by 
		E. In some cases the scheme given in Second Reference 
		Catalog of Bright Galaxies (RC2).
mcode	I	Morphological Code, according to RC2, except that 
		type S... is coded +5, type S.../Irr is coded +7.
note	A	Description